“Words are not enough to express the unconditional love that exists between a child and a mother, so the unnecessary crying exists.” We know mothers how your kid starts acting crazy at times when you meet them after a long day or sometimes even after a couple of hours. Many of you might take it in a positive way and many of you may not. So, we have decided to discuss the same in today’s blog.

First of all, ask yourself a very basic question, “How well do I behave in my bedroom? Do I dress up in complete formals and give attention to my table manners while eating?” Most of you will find the answer somewhat like, “I live like a drug addict without paying much attention to my dress or eating habits”. Yes, it is true because that is your comfort zone and you can live like whatever you wish for. That is your place and there is no one to judge you or question you for your behavior. Now, think about the time when you are out for dining or in an official meeting, you try to be at your best behavior because you know that your behaviors and manners are being watched out by people who might judge you or question you for your wrong behavior.

Mothers are like the bedroom to their child while everyone else is like the whole judging world whom we try to impress all the time. Since the kid is young enough to understand how to behave in front of others they end up crying in their mother’s comforting lap. They always need your presence because they are always comfortable with you, just like you are in your bedroom. 

Many parents end up thinking that their upbringing is not right as every time they meet their child after a short break they find them crying or shouting or annoyed. You need to understand the level of understanding and comfort your child has with you is too high. When you leave them even for some while, even if it is necessary for you, they start missing you which makes them feel annoyed. The moment you reappear in front of them, unknowingly, they end up sharing the whole process in the best possible manner they can, i.e. through crying or screaming.

Try to understand that they are holding the most they can, but they are children who are very new to this world. Your one hug helps them to reassure again and over again that they are safe in their bedrooms, shielded by your arms. Be happy that you have created a safe space for your children and they believe in it wholeheartedly.

With time they will grow up and understand what is right to be done and, when. It is well known that “Maturity comes with age”. Embrace their innocence and you will notice how grateful you will be even for the annoying part of your kid. We hope that through our blog, we could make you understand the beauty of the annoying innocent faces and, how ‘I love you’ can be spoken through continuous whining.

Comment below to let us know your views and share our blogs with everyone you think should read it once. Thanks a ton for being with us in our roller coaster ride, till we meet again, Happy Mumming!!

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