A pocket full of posies;
Ashes! Ashes!
We all fall down”

Hello everyone, we hope you did not miss out the all-time favorite kindergarten rhyme above, it was an attempt to take you back to your childhood for a while. We know you are already reliving your childhood days because of your juniors, so this time we have a variety of kindergarteners with us.

 The first one is the ‘cry baby’. They are the one who would cry till their parents see them off near the classroom. Once I remember a mother asking other moms, what would be the best solution and they suggested her to ignore the crying and let the child adjust in the new environment. Hopefully, it worked.

Then comes the ‘over smart hero’ of the class, the one who thinks that he knows everything for which he has been sent to the class. They are the best entertainers with quick adjustment skills.

Moving on to the third ‘the silent kid’, ask them anything and they have the best answer i.e. silence. They don’t cry or laugh, they just exist in the class like an invisible child. Also, they are a very good listener.

Just the opposite of the above, there’s also the ‘talkative child’ who is too gullible and also talking about something or the other. Mostly the two of the opposites will be seen in pair, the former one listening to everything the latter speaks of.

The ‘mugger’ is the one who has every single page of the textbook memorized. Although, they have no clue about the topic, yet they have everything prepared very well for their tests.

We cannot miss out ‘the sporty child’ who will be seen always playing with something or the other. Once a 4 year old was flying paper planes in the class and it got stuck in his teacher’s curly hairs. The teacher called him up and asked him to apologize, his response was, “Sorry ma’am, I was practicing to become a pilot”. The teacher melted looking at his puppy eyes and innocence.

The ‘lost child’ is the one who is lost in his own world most of the times. You will find their physical presence in the classroom but their mind is always somewhere else. Their facial expressions will help you read their state of mind.

The last one is the ‘teacher’s pet’ who is usually seen doing every work on time to remain the teacher’s favorite. The first bench is his/her reserved seat in the class. The teacher ensures to ask about every student from that child. Also, this child is too sincere towards every work provided.

Every child is different and it is quite difficult to categorize them in a limited variety. We tried to spot a few among them and presented them here for you as every child is amazing. Do not ever compare any among them with the other as they all are equally unique and important.

Tell us your views in the comment section and share with everyone you can. Follow us for more and more amazing contents, till then Happy Mumming!!

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