“My son is a toe walker and I am so worried about all the things I hear from other people.” Hello moms, this sentence is one of the other major sentences we hear from the parents of toe walkers, that is why we thought let every parent understand the truth behind it rather than getting along with the myths all over.

The truth of toe walking is the problem is not on foot but in the brain. Yes, you read it right. It is the brain’s error in programming convincing the foot that it works better in a certain degree of plantarflexion (toe-pointing). The consequence of constant toe walking is a lack of motion.

There is a very common myth that children ‘grow out’ of toe walking. Parents need to understand that children never grow out it if they are unable to walk flat-footed at all. The controls are in the brain and thus a proper treatment is necessary at the right time.

Toe walking is not a sign of calf strength but it is actually compensation for the weakness in the abs and gluts. Moreover, the reason behind constant toe walking is the heel cords that don’t get fully stretched by more normal, heel-toe gait and squatting with heels on the floor.

Toe walking strongly proceeds with speech delays. There is a common myth that “It’s not a concern. It is just a part of their growth.” Well, it is not so. The problem is in the brain which needs a treatment that might be a little difficult but it is an issue to be concerned about for your child.

If your child is toe walking 50% of the time, then it is the time to seek help from a doctor. Toe walking is strongly correlated with sensory processing dysfunction and vestibule issues. In easy words, it is often a compensation strategy for poor balance and proprioception which means the brain’s awareness of the joints and the body parts in space.

“Your baby is just exploring new ways, stop being so dramatic!” is not the solution but the real problem. As a parent, try to understand your baby’s good health is much more important than what other people are saying. If you feel that something is wrong, then it is wrong. There is just no need to involve people who don’t understand such a sensitive problem.

Toe walking can be cured but it takes a lot of effort which is worth it. Foot/ankle orthotics can help if prescribed correctly and worn regularly. Apart from that, taping, soft tissue work, balance training, verbal cueing, prescribing heavy shoes with good arch support, and duck-walking are also common types of treatments in physical therapy.

We hope that our blog was helpful to every parent who is going through the same. Let us know how you are coping up and also the ways which are helping your child in the comment section. Keep following us for more and more knowledgeable blogs and share this blog with every individual you think should read it once. We hope that all your battles make you stronger and cure up faster than ever. Till we meet next, Happy Mumming!!

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