Hey smart moms, are you excited to discover more smartness? Yes, right? So here we go, to help you indulge in the smart apps of this generation. Instagram is one of the most trending apps is likely to catch your attention when I say, smart socializing apps. For people today, it is more than a platform of socializing. Many people have mastered the gram platform and have converted it into a business platform as well. Thus, created a place where you can earn through creativity.

Every mother is a woman first and knows well how to create a world out of hers.  Instagram can be considered here as a medium to do the same. Likewise, many mothers have taken the socializing on Instagram to a different level. They are from different fields but have ensured that their posts can be helpful to every mother perceiving them. Since our blogs are for creating as much awareness as we can regarding the distinct faces of the beautiful motherhood, we reached out to a few mom bloggers/ social media influencers to make the understanding of this sphere, little easier.

“Self- love and never expect perfectionism from your life”


JhilmilBhansali(@hellomommyinme),shared her story of getting into blogging after being juggled in between her corporate and new mommy life. She turned her passion for writing into a professional Parenting and Lifestyle blog two years ago. Instagram is the best platform for her to share her stories with her world of 26k followers. When asked about dealing with the challenges as a new Instagrammer, ‘being real’ turned out to be a big challenge which was overcome only by being real to the work and followers. She advised the same to everyone reading this blog, also as a new mom, never expect perfectionism and self- love is the key to a happy life.  Instagram handle http://www.istagram.com/hellomommyinme; blog link: http://www.mommyinme.com.

Keep your family and kids before work”


Nisha’s(@the_fantastic_mommy) experience with blogging starts with the search for a platform where she can find good parenting suggestions as a new mom. Eventually, she started writing about the same and got good responses which motivated her to write more. The turning point of her blogging career was two years back when she joined Instagram and learned to upgrade herself with time. She suggests from her experience that work can wait to keep your family and kid before it. Her social family is of 20k followers and growing.  Instagram handle https://instgram.com/the_fantastic_mommy; blog link: https://www.thefantasticmommy.com/.


…..learning through failures.Everytime a new challenge came up, I rebuilt again.”


PrincyKhurana(@clanpedia) suggests everyone learn from failures. Her passion for spreading positive vibes led her to blog. Her challenges were like all of us, not getting the concept of reaching out to people through writing. Though she started her Instagram page as a motivational quotes page but then she shifted to lifestyle and parenting blogger. With time, her concern was providing the best of lifestyle and parenting stuff through her blogs. She says, “blogging looks very fancy, but it needs all your patience, perseverance and dedication”. Her 14k family is also helping her, a lot to know more of it. Also, time management is a big thing for her which will surely help every mother a lot. Instagram handle https://instagram.com/clanpedia?igshid=8om1136az7tq; blog link: http://www.clanpedia.com/.

AnishaAgarwal(@momzdiary)points out the seriousness of doing any work with full dedication. Becoming a part of the rat race is when you start taking things lightly, though she started as an amateur Instagrammer but learned a lot with the passing days. Being true to her 12k followers and to herself is the secret of her confidence behind her work. Instagram handle: https://instagram.com/momzdiary?igshid=12m5i6jkbtpas

Gulnar Patel(@momofzara)talked about the right choices, the right path of reaching out to people, rather than jumping into the business of buying up followers. Her first supporter was her husband who helped her out of all the questions and criticisms she had to face from her relatives and friends for putting up pictures over the social media, she advises to do what feels right to the self. Acknowledging time management is a good tip from her, work whenever you can without delaying up things as you would do in a job. Her social family is of 9k. Instagram handle: https://instagram.com/momofzara/igshid=yoygngd49q5s

These are a few members from the big family of Instagram moms who spoke about their behind the scenes life. Coming up with this new trend was not really an easy job, everyone accepts the fact, the points that are shown by these ladies will surely help you out to find your own way into blogging if you wish to do so. It is always about being real and providing the best knowledge that you can.  Remember, if this is what your heart wants you to do there’s nothing that can stop your path.

We will be coming up with many more interviews and information ahead. Till then live the best out of your life with the apple of your eye. Happy mumming!!!

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