Hello mums, welcome to our blog once again and a sincere thanks for being with us till now. Today we are here with a very sensitive issue, i.e. ‘The Breastfeeding Taboo’. It is very unfortunate that even in the twenty-first century our mothers had to deal with this every single day.

I know few of you are still thinking about the term well there are people out who leaves no stones unturned in order to make a mother feel uncomfortable while feeding her baby through her breasts in the public.

 First of all, even if you are just an individual, being starred by anyone in the public or even in private will certainly make you uncomfortable and this applies to everyone, not just a mother. It is a very natural understanding of the human mind that what’s wrong and what’s right, what’s creepy and what’s not, even then a mother feeding her baby is a very big deal for some stranger walking across the street to turn around and look at the mother like she just broke the law of humanity.

This Breastfeeding Week, recently, a survey conducted among 900 breastfeeding mothers, aged between 25- 45 years about comfortable breastfeeding in public. The report says that about 93% of the women found breastfeeding in public very difficult because of the above reason.

Breastfeeding is a natural way of feeding the newborn. Every mother has the right to feed her child wherever and whenever her child needs the food. Grow up people, what’s in there to stare, seriously?

There aren’t many safe places to breastfeed is also a crucial point in order to stop these person staring business. Lisa Lofthouse was thrown out of a café while breastfeeding her daughter because of a customer complaint. After being thrown out she had to buy formula milk for her daughter which shows the insensibility of the people in the society in which we live.

This doesn’t stop here. In a debate hosted by James Hazell on breastfeeding in public, one of the persons, talking in against compared breastfeeding to lovemaking in the public which was so inappropriate and insulting for every mother.

There are even laws for the protection of breastfeeding mothers in public which implies that the government also permits the mother to breastfeed in public still the society is not ready completely to accept that.

Mothers, it is now our turn to stop this breastfeeding taboo for once and for all, otherwise, it will keep on growing. Even if there are educated people in society still the complete awareness is a long way to achieve if we don’t start now. Join the campaigns launched for these purposes like #KeepKentBreastfeeding and We Support The Breastfeeding Moms. Talk about the issue to major groups of people who are unaware of the matter. Enlighten our youth who will be the future leaders. 

Remember, change starts from home, so it is very necessary that we as a unit work together to eradicate the Breastfeeding Taboo. Share this blog with everyone you can and don’t forget to comment on your views upon it. We will meet again next week, till then Happy Mummy!!

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