We care as well, yes, we are talking about your baby’s skin and hair. Hello moms, we know how much you are putting your efforts in taking care of everything. We know how wonderful it feels to have the little munchkin in your palm but how difficult it is for the new parents to take care of its skin and hair properly. Thus we are here, with a few pieces of information that might help you.  A baby’s skin is very soft. The best way to take care of your baby’s gentle skin is to clean it at a regular interval of 2-3 days. As soon as the umbilical cord sheds away, you can take your baby for baths. They are very small and just introduced to this new world from their mother’s womb and thus do not require regular baths. There are parents who are often worried about their baby’s hair. Well, a baby born with bushy hair and a completely bald baby is similar. The reason behind the growth of hair is basically genes and hormones which has nothing to do with the functionality of the body parts and absolutely normal in most every situation. The important part is the head that needs to be okay. We will try to follow a step by step process for cleaning the hair than the skin here. Washing your baby’s hair is much like washing your own hair with a few differences.
  1. First of all, prepare a warm bath of approximately 98 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Hold your hand firmly behind your baby’s head to support their head and neck.
  3. Using a small cup, gently pour water over your baby’s head to get their hair and scalp wet.
  4. Lather with baby shampoo onto your baby’s head.
  5. Carefully rinse the shampoo from your baby’s head with your hand or a small cup.
Now, let’s look upon the skincare procedure for your baby.
  1. Lay your baby on a towel. If it is cold, you can take off one item of clothing at a time while you wash your baby.
  2. Gently wash your baby’s face with a lukewarm, wet washcloth. Don’t use soap.
  3. Add soap to the wet cloth to wash your baby’s body. Wash the diaper area last. You can use LOVE ORGANICALLY Pure Honey Head To Toe Body Wash
  4. Rinse your baby off with water and pat your baby dry.
With this, we are all set for the bathing process. You can use baby lotions and certain baby oil for your baby’s skin after this. Massaging the little one will help his/her muscles to grow as well. We would suggest LOVE ORGANICALLY Relaxing & Calming Lavender Soothing Massage Oil. Head massages are also quite good for the growth and strengthening of the hair as the kid starts growing. Apart from that, it helps in relaxing the mind. We would recommend every parent to use LOVE ORGANICALLY Organic Cold Pressed Coconut & Hibiscus Hair Oil For Strengthening & hair gorwth for kids and herself.
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