Do you want to meet a wonder-woman in reality? You should probably open your front camera then.

Hello, mommies, would you like to give an autograph to your biggest fan? Well, today we are here to appreciate all the things you do.

Every mother is a woman before turning into a mother, the first thing which transforms is the psychology of the woman. The thoughts of the woman turn towards doing everything that will help the fetus in her grow safely. She not just thinks but also starts taking care of herself in whichever way possible. We know it’s hard.

The nine months ahead is a very tough period for a woman. Everything around starts becoming very different from it was earlier. Even small things start becoming a huge issue. Mood swings and food cravings become her two annoying best friends. Many mothers opt for maternity leave which causes a break in the career as well.

Pregnancy is one of the most glorious periods of a woman’s life. She changes her diet, sleep routine, exercise routine, career goals, priorities, and everything else that can bring just goodness to her child. She somehow learns the first step of decreasing self-love for her junior. The pain of childbirth is one of the most unbearable forms of pain for any human being, but a mother takes it upon her just for her baby.

Leaving the comfort zone for providing comfort to the baby is one of the many reasons why every mother is a goddess on Earth. It isn’t easy at all but she knows the best way to make things work out appropriately. From the day of her child’s birth till the day of her departure, she tries to keep her child safe from every danger. Even if, the child doesn’t realize his/her benefits, the mother never fails to think the best for him/her.

When we welcome a new life in our life, our life also upgrades into a new one, right mothers? A completely new routine, new eating habits, new challenges every day and also new fun with the junior.  Sometimes she doesn’t sleep for nights, sometimes she feels exhausted from the daily chores yet never misses to nurture her little one in every way possible.

Mothers are the one who donates her whole life to her family and children. She is the one who ensures that everyone is doing good and living healthy, no matter what her condition is. Her contribution is most of the time left unrecognized, although her hard work matters the most.

Many of you don’t consider yourself enough and that’s what worries me. It is really important that you understand your importance. No, it is never your fault if after giving your best people are not satisfied. We understand how it feels when your efforts are criticized from someone else’s opinions, working mothers are often the victims of this and this lowers their self-esteem.

Remember, you are important, even if you don’t feel like, even if no one told you, even if you are having a bad day or phase, even if everything is not falling on the right place right now or any other thing is going unplanned around. Accept the situations and thrill in them.

Your aura is divine as a mother which is the real strength of yours. No one can ever define your worth, efforts, strength or charisma. We all know how much you mean to us, not just as our mother but as our teacher, friend, strength, weakness and most importantly the only one who understands the slightest change in our behavior, tone, body language, and immediately understands what’s wrong. It is certainly not easy to handle so many roles as an individual, so prominently and thus that makes you the role model we all want to be like.

Mothers are the superwomen without capes. If you too feel like thanking the mothers you know, share our blog right now. Let us know in the comment section about their reactions. Till then, Happy Mumming!!

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