Welcoming a child into this world is a very big decision, we understand, thus today we are to discuss a few things every parent should have while they are waiting for the delivery date. Hello, mothers before taking much of your time, here we go.

A breast pump or Baby bottles are advisable to be kept for the new birth giver in handy. If you plan to breastfeed, a breast pump is quite essential for the support.

New Diapers for the newborn, doesn’t matter if you are choosing the cloth diapers or the disposable ones. Your baby will be around 10 pounds at birth so make sure you buy a small packet of the small-sized diaper for the new member of your family.

Your baby will need a bed of his/her own. So if you are planning on co-sleeping, buy your baby, a crib or bassinet. Make sure, you buy a soft and comfortable mattress for the soft toy you will be holding in your hand after a few weeks.

Most babies love the act of swaddling. We would recommend you to get a swaddling blanket for your baby. The comfort they will experience will always put a smile on your lips.

Your baby will also need a car seat for their tiny body. At the time of discharge, an infant car seat will be beneficial for both you and the little one. So get a snuggly car seat beforehand.

Expect fairly heavy bleeding for three to five days after you give birth; this is the first stage of the postpartum vaginal discharge known as lochia. Depending on the woman, the bleeding and discharge may last from two to six weeks, so be sure to stock your bathroom with plenty of maxi pads, not tampons. Ice packs are helpful for numbing any soreness and swelling you might experience from the delivery, or, if you have a C-section, for your incision site.

Shop for your little one in advance. Arrange the wardrobe of the little muffin with tons of baby pajamas and other cute outfits.

Newborns often spilled up their food, so you make sure to have burp clothes as well in advance. It will help you to keep them clean and those clothes are easily washable thus saving the extra effort.

Make sure to have filled bottles and fruits with you all the time. Practice it, if necessary. Being hydrated is important if you are planning to breastfeed. Also, after giving birth, the body needs extra care so it is always advised to take more rest and adequate nutrition.

Hope our blog has been helpful to you. Tell us more in the comment section. Spread the knowledge as much as you can. Till we meet next, Happy Mumming!!

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