Just as the title says today we will be talking about the ‘Kangaroo Care’ which is also known as “Skin to Skin Care”. Hello mothers, we will be talking about everything you need to know about Kangaroo Care.

Starting with, what do we understand by the above term?

“Skin to Skin” means your healthy baby is placed belly down, directly under your chest, right after birth. The first three hours of snuggling will help you and your baby to know each other. You can continue to snuggle even after which will keep your baby happy, cozy and warm. It, in fact, will help in strengthening the bond between you and your baby.

Let’s talk about the advantages of Skin to Skin Care.

  1. Babies find it difficult to adapt to the temperature in the post-birth environment. Skin to Skin Care helps the baby to adapt the temperature change slowly.
  2. It helps in healthy weight gain as babies don’t need to invest their energy in regulating body temperature thus allowing them to grow properly.
  3. It makes breastfeeding easier.
  4. It builds up the immune system and also helps in proper brain development.
  5. It helps the baby to sleep, calm and relax.
  6. It also eliminates postpartum depression.

Who can provide Skin to Skin Care to the baby?

Both the parents can provide the Skin to Skin Care to the baby. It is an amazing way to relieve stress and create the best bonding. You can feel your baby’s heartbeats calming themselves down when you are close to him/her.

How is it done?

Sit in dim light with your baby and place the baby on your bare chest for minimum 20 minutes. If the mother is done breastfeeding then the father can take the baby and create this bond for as long as the baby is comfortable. It is easy and very beneficial. There are no limitations or time boundaries for this activity. Privacy is to be kept in mind and comfort is crucial.

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