The pollution level globally is just increasing day by day, in such a situation we understand how important it is to ensure the protection of yourself and your child from the terrible aftereffects of global warming. Hi mothers, this blog is to ensure that you know how to protect your baby from the increasing air pollution.

A great source of pure air is a green environment. Make sure to make your kid inhale the oxygenated fresh air at the right time through different physical activities in the parks or some open green areas away from high pollution rated areas. For knowing the right time to let your child play outside it is important that you keep a record of the fluctuating pollution rates in your city. It is usually noticed that people often avoid checking the curves of the increase and decrease in air pollution levels. Once we start noticing the patterns in the variations of the quality of air in a day, it will be beneficial for us to save our loved ones from being to contact with much harm than usual.

 Wear a mask while stepping out of the house. Your child might won’t like it first thus try to wear a mask by yourself as your kid sees you as their role model. The best way to make your children learn the good things is to repeat them again and over again in front of them so that they understand that what you are doing is the right thing to do.

Purifiers should be used especially at night to control the air pollution effects. Air pollution exposure from 9 pm to 9 am is almost double the exposure from 9 am to 9 pm. While sleeping children take in more air than compared to the air intake when they are awake. Thus, air purifiers should be properly used at night.

Manage the quality of air inside your cars. Several cars today come with built-in HEPA filters where the standard AC filters can be replaced with HEPA filters. So, make sure you talk to your service provider for the in-built HEPA filters before getting one yourself. Also, we should manage indoor air pollution by having a proper exhaust installed for smokes and impurities produced by the activities of cooking, praying and dusting. We spend most of our time inside our homes and ignore the air pollution inside the door.

Exercise more and more to build a good immune system. This will help your child in the long fight with air pollution. It is not impossible to control this problem if we all know what to do about it. Make sure you make your child understand the importance of all the available resources and how they can be used effectively to fight the problem of air pollution.

We hope you find our blog helpful. Let us know your ways and techniques to overcome the problem of air pollution in the comment section. For more knowledgeable blogs, keep following us. Till we meet again, Happy Mumming!!

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