Wizard of Words | Educational & Learning | Age 8 Years+

By  Cuweeosity-KLAP

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For once, kids will love the word ‘homework’ more than ‘home’! You see, in this spelling card game, the bigger the word, the more points players get. And, the more points they get, the more reward cards they can use to add naughty little twists to the game. Expect to see them grinning (and sometimes, groaning) away! It will make them great at spelling, and even Shakespeare a teeny bit jealous.

Improves Vocabulary and advanced spelling skills


1. 50 player cards with consonants
2. 35 Vowel cards
3. 30 reward cards


  • AGE - 8-99 Years
  • WEIGHT - 0.203 kg
  • DIMENSIONS - 24.3 × 11.5 × 5.5 cm

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