Preschoolers Shapes Ahoy | Educational & Learning | Age 3 Years+

By  Cuweeosity-KLAP

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All hands on deck! We're about to embark on a nautical adventure to discover the lost island of Montismo. You'll have to use your knowledge of shapes and solids to reach the island before the other pirate captains do. Oh, did we mention you'll also have to battle monsters and mayhem? Don't worry, there are also friendly forces to help you. Plenty of riches await, but becoming a whiz at shapes is the biggest treasure of them all!

Key Learning:

1. Improves recognition of important shapes
2. Essential for letter recognition and geometry


1. Game Board
2. 4 Player Tokens
3. 150 picture cards

  • AGE - 3.-5 Years
  • WEIGHT - 0.810 kg
  • DIMENSIONS - 44 × 29 × 3.8 cm

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