Preschoolers Puppet Phonics | Educational & Learning | Age 3 Years+

By  Cuweeosity-KLAP

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PuppetPhonics features three adorable puppet monsters who will build your preschooler’s phonics and early language skills. You read out the stories of these friendly monsters and animate the puppets while your child completes a phonics activity that closely follows the storyline. And very soon, through storytelling and laughter, your child will become proficient and confident in Phonics.

Key Learning:

Phonemic awareness of simple consonants and vowels


1. 3 storybooks
2. 3 DIY puppets
3. Picture cards

  • AGE - 3-5 Years
  • WEIGHT - 0.402 kg
  • DIMENSIONS - 21 × 16 × 2.1 cm

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