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Oats has always been everyone's favorite choice for nutrition and health. The oats and raisins cookies are incompatible when come to taste and health. This cookies would definitely be enjoyed by your little one. This cookies are best for snack and munchies.

About the product

  • Package Content (No of pieces) 1
  • Expiry(Shelf Life) - 5 Months from the date of manufacture.
  • Once Opened - Store in cool and dry place
  • Suitable For(Age Group) - 8 Months and above


Organic Oats Flour, Organic Whole Wheat Flour, Cow Ghee, Organic Jaggery, Brown Sugar, Milk Powder, Cardamom, Sodium Bicarbonate.

Our Cookies are made of the best quality ingredients. We do not use hydrogenated fats, additives, preservatives, colorings or flavourings.

Other Information:

Organic, Natural, NO Artificial Flaovour, No Preservativs, No added Salt or White Sugar

For 100 gm Pack

Product Dimensions - 12.5X8.5 CM

Packade Dimensions - 12.5X8.5 CM

For 200gm Pack

Product Dimensions - 12.5x10.5 CM

Packade Dimensions - 12.5x10.5 CM

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