Memory Buzz | Educational & Learning | 3- 7 Years

By The Story Merchants

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Itโ€™s time for our children to delve into the most entertaining cards game of scenarios to ace their memory skills!

Who can remember the most in 10 seconds? A fun and exciting game to sharpen your memory and observation skills using the 60 scenario cards. Study the vibrant, colourful and relatable situations, then roll the dice and answer the question number on the dice to win! Memory skills enhancement are an important skill set that can take your children a long way in increasing focus, increasing vocabulary when you speak about the objects you see in the images and in turn helps your child with increased self confidence in different situations in life. This card game is travel friendly and is a great bonding game for the family to play together. Warning : Lots of laughs, jokes and fun.

So what are you waiting for? Study the picture, answer the questions and collect the most cards to win! #memorizingmadefun


Key Skills

  • Enhances Memory Skills
  • Increased sense of Purposeful Discussion
  • Increases Concentration Skills
  • Enhances Vocabulary Skills
  • Increases Object Recognitions
  • Enhances Oral Fluency


  • 60 Memory Cards with Images & Questions,
  • Dice
  • Rules

Age Group- 3-7 Years

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