Indigo Blooms One-Size Cloth Diaper | Baby Diaper

By Fig-O-Honey

Rs. 630 Rs. 699


Fig-O-Honey Indigo Blooms One-Size Cloth Diapers provide a leak-free, chemical-free, safe diapering solution for your baby. The diapers are made entirely from cloth and 100% reusable. The breathable waterproof outer layer prevents leaks and mess.

The inner fabric is made of super soft, stay-dry suede fabric that protects the baby's delicate skin from moisture by wicking it away. Our one-size diapers grow the baby from 5 kg to 15kg. The diapers can be adjusted with the snap buttons to provide a snug fit to the baby's legs and waist. Just adjust the snap buttons, add an insert and you're all set.

Note - Estimated delivery time is 8 to 10 days.

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