Facetyme | Wine’sse Red Wine Face Gel

By  Urban Tatva

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Ever wondered the secret to timeless beauty? Our Red wine face gel is loaded with a concoction of superior oils. Handcrafted with the benefits of Red wine, pomegranate, raspberry and grape seed oil, this exotic face gel will help you lighten your skin, improve the skin elasticity thus keeping your skin youthful, plump, hydrated for hours.

Ingredients: Red wine, Liquorice extract, pomegranate seed oil, raspberry seed oil, grapeseed oil

Direction to Use: Apply a small amount of gel on your face, using small, concentric circles. Repeat until all of your skin is covered.

Cautions/Warnings: Natural products can be allergic to certain users. Kindly conduct a patch test. Discontinue incase of irritation.

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