Brain Teasers | Educational & Learning | For Age 6 Years+

By Skillmatics-KLAP

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Description: Skillmatics Brain Teasers will teach children to use 'creative thinking and reason approach' when faced with challenges. Our activities are designed to build problem-solving skills through fun learning methodologies! Suitable for all ages, Brain Teasers is filled with innovative content that promises to engage children for hours at end!

Key Learning Outcomes: Creative Problem Solving, Mental Maths, Decoding, Vocabulary Building, Thinking Out of the Box

Key Skills: Logical Reasoning, Decision Making, Concentration, Critical Thinking, Social and Communication Skills

Physical Contents:ย Includes 6 double-sided activity mats, 1 Skilly Billy pen, 1 duster cloth, 1 Welcome Letter and 1 Skilly Billy Achievement Certificate

Number of Repeatable Activities: 12

Age Group: 6-9 Years


  • Product Dimension: 23.6x19x2.40 cm
  • Package Dimension:ย 34x22x28 cm

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