A Day in the Jungle | Educational & Learning Games | Age 5 Years+

By Chalk and Chuckles - KLAP

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The playful animals all live in the jungle together and have many adventures in social-emotional learning. Take a jungle safari and join the animals to see how they live, share, and jump in to help each other.

A fun social-emotional bingo for 2 to 4 players. • Great game to have playful discussions on helping, sharing & caring. Contains: 4 Jungle boards, 100 Jungle Chips, Caller Sheet, 2 dice, Meet the Friends booklet


Develops social-emotional vocabulary
Promotes visual observation & thinking
Builds relational skills & promotes personal values


  • Age - 5 years+
  • Dimensions - 26.7*21.6*5.6 cm
  • Weight - 750 gm
  • Material - MDF+cardboard
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Can you spot and tell who is being good and caring? And what else they are up to? Players look at their board to see if they have a picture that matches the combination rolled on the dice e.g. "Monkey & helping". If a player or more has the picture on the board, they mark it with a chip. The first one to mark any 4 squares in any one row or a column or a diagonal line gets to shout ‘Jungle Love’ and is the Winner!

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