Stop! You don’t have to hide your stretch marks or swollen legs or anything that you don’t want to hide. Hello moms, this week’s blog is about putting a full stop to body shaming. Have you ever seen a soldier hiding his scar? No, right, it is because he is proud of the scars that the battlefield has marked on him. Similarly don’t you find the same soldier within yourself?

Perfect figure, perfect skin, perfect jawlines, toned muscle and all other perfectness we search in ourselves because of the beauty statement created in the society’s standards is meaningless if you are not happy. Accepting the way you are is a big deal when we talk about happiness.

There are several body changes that take place during pregnancy and there’s nothing to feel bad about. Think of a seed transforming into a tree or a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, everything in nature transforms itself for the better and who are we to judge them, anyway?

The few changes that we notice during pregnancy are enlisted below.

  1. ‘Pregnancy Glow’ is the most used term for the redness you see in your skin which is because of the blood circulation.
  2. ‘Pregnancy brain’ is also not a myth, because of the hormonal changes taking place in your body your mind forgets a few things.
  3. Your bones loosen up because you have a baby inside you, cherish it for a while, mums.
  4. Increasing belly size is the most known and seen body change. Do you seriously need a reason for this one?
  5. Breasts are the food support system of the newborn which also enlarges within the period of pregnancy.
  6. Blue veins around your belly, breasts, and legs are visible because your body makes extra blood and your heart beats at a faster rate to meet the needs of pregnancy.
  7. Lightheadedness, heartburn, frequent urination and constipation are all because of the hormonal changes due to pregnancy.

The best part of being pregnant is you are bringing a new life in the world. Anything bothering you or your baby is just not worth your attention. With time, there will be several more changes in you and your body and that is what we call growing old.

Once you become a mother, you understand the joy of seeing your baby’s twinkling eyes, every time he/she sees his/her mom and that’s the purest love from the only one who matters. No judgment, no necessity of makeup, no glowing skin, no hiding stretch marks, still the beautiful woman in the eyes of the newborn till death, what else can define your beauty if this doesn’t?

Your confidence is in your hands. Learn to cherish every part of this beautiful journey. Every time you feel like even if an inch of downfall just look at your scars and remember the battle won. Do everything you want to do and let not anyone’s word or action stop you from doing what you want to. You cannot stop them but you can choose what is more important to you. There’s nothing that can stop you if you are holding your sword tight. Take care of yourself, only because YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

More and more power to everyone who is in this path or who have already traveled this path, tell us more about your experiences and how you overcame your fears in the comments. Share this blog with everyone you know and keep following us for more and more knowledgeable contents. Till we meet again, Happy Mumming!!     

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