Hello beautiful, today we are here to talk about you. Yes, ‘you’ the most important person in everyone’s life who forgets to consider herself that important for herself. So, we have decided to bring it up here.

Firstly, you are doing great and we mean it. Most of the working mothers are seen to be unsatisfied from themselves. They work a lot and tries to balance both the work and family-life perfectly and when they tremble, they start doubting their effort. It is very important for you to understand that you are doing enough and your partner is too responsible for the daily chores so you can always ask for help.

Next comes hiding the imperfect skin. Most of the women find it very difficult to accept the changes that occur during and after pregnancy which is very normal. The idea of perfect body shape and flawless skin affects their mind in negative ways. No human is perfect so why you need the validation to be called perfect. We have a very descriptive blog about the changes that take place in the mother’s body after pregnancy and there should be no body-shaming for that purpose. Read the blog- Pregnancy is beautiful, just like You

New mothers are often under-confident because of their thinking. They start losing their individuality which often results in anxiety. The world changes for a woman when she becomes a mother and all she needs at that point is our love, care, and support. It should be our duty to keep a check on her mental health along with her physical health.

Stay at home mom depression is a real thing. Mothers who stay at home are completely focused on their daily chores and taking care of the family which cuts them off from the outside world, resulting in mommy depression. They become completely centered on their kids and when that starts bothering the growing kid, they end up hurting themselves. You are more than perfect in these cases which, was somehow unrequired.

The last discussion for today is on the differentiation done on the basis of breastfeeding and formula feeding which is just not acceptable. You can have a thorough reading on the blog- Every mum is magical for understanding the subject.

Being a mom in itself is a very big deal which doesn’t need any certification of being perfect. Every flaw that you hide is because of your idea of being perfect, but you forget the beauty of imperfections. It is important for you to understand your importance. Enjoy every inch of your body and every foot of your life. Life is too short to live on the ideas of others’. Welcome the positivity and let the negativities go. Give yourself the treatment that you deserve. Can you promise me one thing after you complete reading the blog? Promise me that you will make yourself feel important, not for anyone but for yourself. You will accept your flaws gracefully and will be a beam of light for others as well. Promise me that you will never look back to complaint but to be grateful for everything forever.

We will come up with our next blog soon. Comment your opinions right below and share the blog to spread positivity around. Till then, Happy Mumming!!