Hello, moms, this week’s blog is about parenting a “Strong Willed” child. So when we say, dealing with the strong will, we precisely mean to handle it in a way which will lead to the betterment of your young ones. Let’s not waste much time and head on the real issue.

As a parent, it is difficult to say ‘no’ to your child’s demands and it is completely natural because we want our child to have everything they wish for, we want our child to be happy. Many parents unconsciously make this a habit of their children and thus build up the stubborn nature of their child of achieving or getting everything they want by this way or that, which sometimes turn the tables around. If you too are among the ones who can see their child’s stubbornness getting on your head, check the point below.

      1. Listen! Yes, listening to what your child is saying is very important, even if the thing is very small for you but that may turn out a big thing for your child. When you let your child speak their heart out, you are somehow respecting their opinions and viewpoints, which is very important for them to understand your point of view as well.
      2. Communicate. Develop a habit of regular communication in order to create a better understanding between you and your child. Many parents think that punishments are the best way to treat the child for their mistakes, NO, try to teach them by communicating, not by punishing them or by scaring them.
      3. Be patient when it comes to dealing with the baby’s tantrums. Stay calm and give time to you and your baby. Remember, they are innocent to understand your point of view so better see the problem and find up a neutral solution.
      4. Be mature enough to understand their way of thinking. As a parent, it is your responsibility to lower the chances of arguments with your child. Try to take a step back and lower the tension already created in the space, then be calm and talk to your child.
      5. Children often learn by copying their parents. They think that the mother or the father is always right in handling up situations and thus they try to perfectly fit in their shoes by enacting them up. Well, it is a good way of making them understand the moral values, manners and the right way of communication. So, act as the role model, they think you are.
      6. Indulge yourself in the activities that your child loves to do. You will get to know their interest and can well manage their unnecessary tantrums by diverting their minds from the tantrums through the activities they get involves into.
      7. Ask about their day, regularly. Even if you are super busy, take out time for your priority and ask if there is any problem with them or if they have any difficulty in their studies or if they have planned anything for their weekends.
      8. Randomly give them options related to different issues which will help them to first think before reacting to any life situation. It is a very useful trick to make your child stay away from catching an unnecessary attitude.
      9. Discipline can be taught in creative ways. Encourage them to take small steps daily. Never ever compare your child with anyone. It builds up a sense of anxiety and a fear of failure in them.
      10. Build a positive atmosphere around them. It is the best way to let them know that you care the most.

Good luck with all the points and let us know your views and experiences in the comment section. There is no need to be the best parents but it is necessary to be the understanding ones. Share the blog and keep following our weekly blogs for more knowledge. Till then, Happy Mumming !!