‘Twins: Twice the love, half the sleep.’ Hello mums, we know how difficult it is to handle twin babies together. Initially, many parents opt for nannies but many try to take responsibility all by themselves. We are here to help every parent who is blessed with twins and are struggling to cope up with the responsibilities that follow.

The first line of the blog beautifully presents the love and the hardship of having twins. We cannot promise to equalize them but we can surely provide you a few basic tips for balancing everything with a little difficulty.

Our first advice is to make a schedule for everything involving the babies and put them on the same schedule. This will help you to keep a proper record and less likely towards confusion which normally happens in the case of twin babies. Bottle-feed them at the same time and put them to sleep at the same time. In this way, you won’t miss feeding your babies and also, it will be easier for you to know the best time to feed both the baby.

Experimentation always brings new joys, so start experimenting with new methods for their sleep. A few basic ideas are –

  • Pushing them in a stroller
  • Wearing one in a baby carrier
  • Putting one in a swing
  • Swaddling them in their cribs
  • Placing them in their bassinets
  • Laying them on a blanket on the floor
  • Using an infant cushion

 As the mother of two children, you will always have to take responsibility for everything twice. Make it usual for your convenience. Make sure you ensure that you have done almost all the routine works twice at a time, just to ensure you are not missing out upon one kid.

Spend quality time with both the children. Both are small enough to understand your busy schedule so it is very important that you spend equal quality time with both of them. You can always play different games and do certain outdoor activities together to keep them engaged. Also, try to educate them together with different experiments and examples which will automatically create a strong bond and strength. The positive side of having twins is building two bases with an equal amount of love and care at the same time. Isn’t that wonderful?

 With all these, do not forget to retain their individuality. Make sure you appreciate them for who they are without comparing them. One may be good in some activities and the other might not be, similarly the other could be good in some activities that the former isn’t interested in, so do not compare them at all. You can impart good manners and present examples but do not do this in the form of comparison, rather try to be understanding. See the things from their individual points of view and let them present their individual opinions. In this way, you will be making them independent and opinionated.

We know it is not an easy job and you are giving your 100 percent. All the very best to you with all our love and appreciation for being tough in every situation till now. Let us know how our blog has helped you in the comment section so that we can come up with more interesting content. Share our blogs with everyone you know. Till we meet next, Happy Mumming!!

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