Healthy and Tasty

Tasty can be healthy as well, okay, but how?’ A question often asked by everyone. So, mothers in the house, today we are here to answer the same. In this world of changing the taste, we cannot keep our focus on just one or two food items. Kids are getting smarter and picky as well and it is often difficult for the mother to feed him up with the right nutrition.

Let me tell you about the nutrition that your kid mainly requires some of my favorite recipes related to them. Remember to be easy on yourself to be a good chef.

Colors are a child’s best partner, so add up your basket with colorful ingredients and do an experiment on food. All the above recipes are worth giving a try so don’t miss to serve them as well. Moreover, every child is unique in himself/herself which makes their nutritional requirement unique as well. There are chances that many among our kids are allergic to a few eatables, it is highly recommended to talk to a nutritionist regarding any such problem.

The right amount of food builds up the right immunity and ensures growth and development. Every child should get the required amount of all the nutrients for their well-being. Your kid’s diet is your responsibility, thus, your input is of much value when it comes to providing the right food. Not only your kid, but you too need to eat right. Don’t forget your well-being ensures your child’s well-being.

There are a few things to be kept in mind. Remember that too much of any good thing is a poison. So, avoid overeating or force-feeding. Try to encourage your little one to eat in their own ways which will help you to understand their best taste. Not only this, it will incorporate many good values in your child such as right eating habits. It’s okay to have a cheat day as well. Exercise is also a good step towards a healthy body and mind.

We hope this blog to be helpful for you. Tell us your experiences with our suggested recipes and also add your special recipes in the comment section. With every week we will be coming up with more knowledgeable contents, stay tuned. Till then, Happy Mumming!!

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