Are you worried about your toddler’s nutritional requirements with his/her growth? Hello mums, today we will be boosting your knowledge towards your young ones’ food and eating habits.

Homemade food for babies

·         Veggies and soya puree

·         Papaya puree

·         First spinach with white yams

·         White fish, carrot and leek puree

·         Baby beef stew

·         Cherry and mint Greek yogurt baby puree

·         Apple oats porridge

·         Ragi soup

·         Avocado and banana food

·         Baby brown rice puree

As a mother, it is always your responsibility to put the nutritional requirement of your baby first, we understand the struggle of choices when it comes to feeding the toddler, the right food. As your child is growing, so is his/her small tummy, it is very important that you keep on feeding the little one at a regular interval of an hour or two. The problem with working mothers is the time required to make different food for the baby and also to teach the baby the right eating habits.

Apple, Green Beans and Broccoli puree

Take 1 apple, 3 pieces of broccoli and half cup of beans. Chop them up and boil them for 10 minutes, then blend them up. Serve.

Now talking about the food, milk, and proteins are the basic source of nutrition. A toddler’s diet should include carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals as well. Vegetables like carrot, capsicum, sweet conserve as the best source of vitamins and minerals. Iron deficiency is a major problem found in the young ones, fruits contain iron and other vital nutrients for the right growth of your child. ‘An apple a day helps your baby slay.’

For being a smart mother, you should know the best to feed and also to save the time, for instance, Ragi serves as one of the best food for a baby as it is highly nutritional. Ragi prevents constipation and is very good for digestion. It is a rich source of iron and calcium which is good for bones and teeth. It also boosts up immunity, prevents anemia and avoids malnutrition.

Oats are also rich in minerals and also a good source of vitamins. They contain antioxidants and are easily digestible.  There are few conditions to be noted while feeding your child with oats,

  • Select the semi-processed oats.
  • Soften them by boiling for 20-30 minutes.
  • Feed your baby with plain oats first to know if he/she is allergic to it or not. If allergic, consult a doctor.

Couscous is also advisable for a growing kid as it is rich in carbohydrates which provides energy. It has potassium in it which regulates the blood pressure and heartbeats of a human. It is also easily digestible and increases the number of good bacteria in the gut.

Serving yogurts is a very good option for a healthy diet of a kid. Avoid the one with sugar, instead, look for the one with probiotics. A healthy bowl of cereals is also a great start for a healthy day. Eggs are a good source of protein in a diet. Not only this, but you can also provide your child with sunflower seeds as they are high in fiber and a good source of iron.

Egg Salad

Take one boiled egg, cut it into small pieces, add chopped and boiled pieces of potato and kosa, mix them well then add a few pieces of tomato. Serve.

With great power comes great responsibilities, so in the case of being a mother. It is important that with the correct food, you also help your child build the correct eating habits. First of all, keep in my mind, your child is small and very sensitive so do not force feed him/her. Remember to encourage your child to eat. They will create a lot of mess with the food but understand that it is the very first step towards their self-grooming. Let them discover their ways of eating. Use fancy cutleries to grab their attention and also cook different colorful foods for them.

 There are also a lot of myths about food and eating habits of babies which must not be taken into care. Rice cereal is considered as the perfect first food, but you can start with any soft food. Eggs are not good for babies are one among the others but the experts consider it as a rich source of protein. Another one is, ‘if you start with fruit, your baby will develop a sweet tooth’. Although the reason behind being “sweet tooth” is that babies are born with a preference for sweets, that’s why breast milk is sweet. (Avoid giving sugar in the babies food as well, instead use honey.) As a smart mom, awareness should be on your list while you believe in anything read or heard.

We hope that this blog was beneficial to you. In our next blog, we will be bringing much more knowledgeable contents, till then comment on your views and share with every mom in the town. Happy mumming!!

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