Hello mommies, welcome again to our weekly blogs. Like every week, today we are here to sprinkle some knowledge over the worldly myths and disbelief on pregnancy and childbirth. For the record, let me tell you one thing in advance, by the time you reach the foot of this blog, many of you will get the answer towards all the traditional or modern myths that you may have heard about as a real fact.

Starting with a very common myth that the shape of the mother’s belly can tell the gender of the baby, isn’t this sounds so unnatural? Not only this, a woman with a big appetite is believed to carry a boy whereas a woman who has severe morning sickness is believed to have a girl baby in their womb. If we talk about the fact here, the shape of the belly is determined by the original shape of her abdomen, her uterine, her muscle tone, the strength of the abdominal muscles, the number of babies conceived and to some extent, by the position of the baby. Also, sex determination of a baby can only be done through ultrasound or amniocentesis. So, your belly shape won’t determine your baby’s sex.

Eat more while you are pregnant. Well, no you don’t have to eat for two because you are carrying a fetus. Eating healthy is important for your body but you don’t need to eat a lot. You may increase the amount of some nutrients in your diet but make sure how your body responds to it. The best thing you can do to keep your baby healthy is to stay healthy by yourself.

Exercise can harm the baby, well, yes if you are planning to go for any bouncing or jolting activity but Prenatal Exercise Programme can be very beneficial to your little one. It maintains the heartbeats and takes care of the baby’s cardiovascular health. Mother’s sleeping position affects child development is another common belief which is absolutely false.

You may have also heard about, don’t eat fish, don’t take salt, avoid sweets, no coffee and many more such prevention to food. Now, let me help you with this. Fishes are a great source of protein, two serving per week is beneficial for your health. Cold water fishes are rich in omega 3, also avoid fishes with high mercury level like sharks and raw fishes. Salt is believed to be the reason for swelling which is not true at all. Some swelling is normal, sodium is already high in the diet so taking extra salt is not that necessary. Sweets have an exception called chocolates which are good for your mood swings and lowers 40% risk of developing dangerously high blood pressure called preeclampsia. Eat right and healthy, that’s all it takes to build your baby’s health as well.

With these common myths, we even heard a few funny beliefs;

  • Dying your hair is harmful to your baby.
  • Cocoa butter prevents stretch marks.
  • If the baby is born at night, he/she will be awake at night.
  • Mothers who have experienced heart-burns will give birth to a hairy baby.
  • Keep your pregnancy, a secret, to save your child from ‘evil eyes’.
  • Having sex during pregnancy can result in miscarriage.

This doesn’t end here, even after childbirth, there are many practices that are even practiced by educated people in society just because they have heard about them to be good for their babies.Post delivery confinement myths are what I am going to talk about in the next section.

Women are housebound as in the past, it was considered that after the pregnancy, the woman is weak and prone to many diseases but with the advancement of medical science and technology, things have evolved now. Similarly, earlier people had to take baths near rivers so, were asked to not wash their hairs for a month, but it is followed till date. Also, mothers are asked to keep the windows and doors shut all the time which is something you can change now according to your wish.

There are many more beliefs that we will keep on hearing from many people, no matter how educated or spiritual they are. No mom will hurt her child and that’s the only grease keeping the wheels of myths and superstitions going on. However, just know what is right for you and your child’s health. If your mental peace comes from abandoning the practices, do not hesitate to take the step, I repeat DO NOT. You are the ultimate source of everything controlling your life, so the most important thing is you, your mental and physical health and of course, the little one of yours.

We are always here to make you aware and knowledgeable. For more valuable contents, keep sharing your views in our comment section. Laugh out on all the illogical myths and beliefs your hear and share with us as well, till then share our blog to all new mums you know.Happy Mumming!!!

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