Welcome again, beautiful ladies, we are back again and today we are here to talk about all the major and minor mistakes, made by every working mother. Being a mother is a very difficult job in itself we cannot expect from ourselves to transform from a normal woman into a superwoman within a few days. The life before childbirth is way too easy than the life after, we get that straight and thus, it is important that we learn from the mistakes made by other new moms while balancing her family and work life.

Working mothers often forget that she is the sun of her solar system. It is often seen that the mother in any family is always the one managing everything up yet undervaluing herself. The problem is, our mindset has been built in the same way for too long. The motherly figure made for sacrifices is not how the world works now.  It is important for the mother to understand her own value first. Yes, you are a mother but before that, you are an individual, a person full of life who loves to give and receive love and happiness. Anything affecting you negatively is affecting everything related to you in the same manner.

Also, often mothers feel that they can do everything all by themselves. There are a number of times when most of the new moms forget that change doesn’t happen “in a snap”. They except life to be as easy as it was, before her childbirth. No, mums, don’t pressurize yourselves, you have performed a very strong spell to bring a new life, how can you not expect for a few after effects?! So give yourself some time to settle in the new role.

Also, in situations when you are struggling. The right thing to do is to talk to your partner for sharing the responsibilities. So stop! Trying to be the superwoman, rather try being a “smart mum”. Yes, it is a real issue, you might think that doing everything on your own is a great thing but there’s no need to be overthinking and overworking, don’t do this to yourself. Talk to your better half about this. Ask them to equally take the responsibility of the family. If you are a single mum, try to ask for a break from your work for your baby or hire a nanny, who is responsible enough to take care of your child, you can also shift to your parent’s home for some time, for the much-needed break. So I am trying to say is doing everything alone is great if you can cope up if not, but don’t feel guilty or ashamed for sharing the responsibilities. After all, you and your partner, you both are the parents to that little one, so why not share everything from joys to responsibilities.

Mothers know the best for their child, but do they know the best for themselves? Many moms shift their focus to everything best for their baby and family, neglecting the best for themselves and ends up feeling incompetent at times and ends up feeling remorseful, depleting their work life as well.

Upbringing a child does change your life from various aspects but it doesn’t need to be this way. You don’t have to be this harsh on yourself, rather please be polite to yourself. You can follow some of our suggestions-

  •    Don’t give up your ‘me’ time.
  •    Take your mental and physical health seriously.
  •    Try yoga and meditation to restore your serenity.
  •    Take breaks from everything for a while, if necessary.
  •   Walks are beneficial for relieving stress.
  •    Make your weekends, the right time for family outings.
  •    Keep the romance alive between you and your partner.
  •   Talk about your issues with your partner.
  •    If you are trying to be a role model for your child, understand that your child will go through the same thing. Teach him/her to find solutions to the problems and never undermine themselves.
  •    Be what you are, you are already the best person for your family.
  •    Be the mom, who can be wrong and admit it, when needed.


If you are not a mom, yet reading this, first of all, it’s great to have you this long with us. Now, the person about whom we are discussing here needs your love and support. A new mother has to deal with a lot of internal stress and anxiety; few even face depression because of various issues. For instance, we talked about formula feeding in our previous blog which is one of the many reasons. Not only this many moms end their maternity leaves sooner and joins their work which also brings the work pressure along with the on-going stress and pressure. Read more about helping each other out in our first blog, Footsteps Together.

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Every new mom needs to understand that with time your priorities also change, so there’s no harm in letting a few things go. It may be possible that there’s an unexpected delay in your promotion which might be bothering you but you need to understand that your tensions will affect the lives of your family too when they see you upset, especially your baby. Also, you won’t be the master of your own time, like you were before which might be a problem for you. Being a mom you are responsible for your child’s good health which is directly connected to your good health. Challenges will always be there, learn to happily face them.  

At the end of the day, understand that you are no less valuable than the people in your life. Enjoy every second you breathe in various ways. Your baby is one of the best things that can happen to you, thus live the best life together. Share your views and opinions in the comment section. Also, add tips to make the next blog better from your experiences for the new mothers. Happy mumming!!
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