Hello Mothers, are you looking for some great yet cute names for your freshly baked muffin? Without wasting much of your time, let’s see what we can provide you with. Here we have 30 different Indian names of baby boys and girls.

For Boys:

  1. Aahan means dawn, morning glory.
  2. Aarush means sun.
  3. Adyant means beginning of the end
  4. Ahan means dawn
  5. Arth means meaning.
  6. Aseem means limitless.
  7. Chitvan means to look or glance.
  8. Dhir means patience.
  9. Ekant means solitary.
  10. Ishat means superior.
  11. Ikshan means sight or superintendence.
  12. Ishin means commanding.
  13. Kiaan means ancient or king.
  14. Madhuj means beewax.
  15. Mahir means expert.
  16. Manayu means desirous or devoted.
  17. Mayur means peacock.
  18. Neer means water.
  19. Naksh means moon.
  20. Parthiv means royal.
  21. Pranay means affection or love.
  22. Ridhan means searchers.
  23. Sarin means helpful.
  24. Sarvin means victory.
  25. Sholak means song.
  26. Siddhran means perfection.
  27. Shriyukt means fortunate or famous.
  28. Viaan means full of energy.
  29. Vyas means sage.
  30. Yuvan means healthy or strong.

For Girls:

  1. Adya means first power, Goddess Durga.
  2. Amaya means immeasurable.
  3. Amaira means the one who will be beautiful forever.
  4. Chavvi means refection or image.
  5. Dhriti means courage.
  6. Ekani means one.
  7. Ekiya means kindness.
  8. Isha means lord.
  9. Kavya means poetry.
  10. Khushi means happiness.
  11. Manya means worthy of honor.
  12. Mitali means a bond between friendship and love.
  13. Maryam means beloved.
  14. Navya means young.
  15. Oeshi means God’s precious gift.
  16. Ojasvi means fearless.
  17. Pratyusha means bright.
  18. Prisha means any talent given by god.
  19. Shanaya means eminent.
  20. Shravya means musical tone.
  21. Trisha means thrust.
  22. Triya means young woman.
  23. Tanmayi means wholly absorbed in God.
  24. Udyati means elevated.
  25. Urmi means wave.
  26. Vinaya means modest.
  27. Vanya means the Goddess of Forest or van.
  28. Waheeda means unique.
  29. Yahvi means the Earth.
  30. Zaha means flower.

We hope that you find the ideal name for your child soon. If our blog has helped you a little in the process, let us know in the comment section. Share our blogs with everyone you know, we bring knowledgeable content every week. Till we meet again, Happy Mumming!!

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