Is your child gets annoyed a lot when people try to be friendly to him/her, all the time? The problem is not in your child but the lack of understanding of “Personal Space”. Hello moms, we know you are not hearing the term for the first time but the question is how often do you practice giving personal space to your child and teach the same to your child? We are here to talk about the importance of personal space for your child, today.

Why Personal Space is important?

Think about a situation when a kid keeps on nagging you or touching you for no reason at all. He/she might be asking you tons of questions about your personal life or about your interests that you might not be interested to share with the. That kid may be showing his/her love or care for you in that manner or by trying to be friendly with you but after a while, you will be irritated. At one point you will warn that child that might be rude as well. Now think about a child who bears all of it from different human beings and cannot do anything about it to stop them. That just sounds intolerable, right? 

This is the exact reason why Personal Space is so important. Everyone needs their piece of mind in place, be it an adult or a child, this is for every living organism on this planet. This does not mean being anti-social or being people repelling, as most of the individuals consider it so uncommon. A child, when taught about the importance of personal space, gets to know how to connect with other people without interfering with the other individual’s personal space as well. When we talk about understanding human beings we mean the people who can respect the personal space of each other without putting any question mark on that.

Now the question is “How will you teach a child about personal space?”

Trust me kids are smart enough to understand each small thing that an adult might not get. Try to model good personal space to make them understand how good it is. If you feel like you are getting into their space, speak it out and let them know, this will help them to understand where to stop themselves in the long run.

Make your child speak about things. This will help them to save themselves while someone else may try to invade their personal space. There can be situations where a child might need an adult’s help and for that, they must talk and speak their mind without being much conscious.

Some children might need explicit teaching through different examples and props. For instance, using a hula hoop, have children hold the hula hoop around their waists and then walk around the space, seeing when their hula hoops bump. That is likely where someone’s personal space bubble would be. If you get much closer, the other person would probably be uncomfortable.

As a parent, it is your duty that you teach your child properly about the social skill of maintaining and respecting personal space. It might seem difficult but it is not when you know how it is done. We hope our blog was useful to you, also, if you have more ideas that parents can apply for the same purpose, feel free to talk about it in the comment section. Share our blogs with everyone you know and keep following us more and more knowledgeable content. Till me meet again, Happy Mumming!!


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