They learn what you teach; they learn even when you don’t.” Hello mums, today we will talk about a very important topic of our life and how it is important for the child to know as well. Puberty and Sex are often left less discussed in between a child and a parent as it seems awkward for a grown-up to talk about sexuality with a kid.

Education includes all aspects of life and thus it is very important that we talk about puberty and sex with our children as a part of their education. Some of the mentioned ways can help you out in this.

  1. Start the talk early so that they are used to the sexual terms and know when, where and how to use them.
  2. Both girls and boys go through several changes in their body during puberty and it is often very uncomfortable. It is always a good idea to let them know before the changes will start taking place so that they know the reasons well and understands their body.
  3. A teenager is often self-conscious about his/her body. They will try to figure out everything that is happening and will surely compare it will all the stuff is shown in the society, starting from a perfect body figure to acne-free spotless skin. It is important that we help them out to differentiate the reality and the virtual world. Self-love is essential, no matter what.
  4. Understanding one’s own sexuality is crucial for every person. Educate your child about different sexual choices through examples. It may be possible that they don’t understand it completely but with time they will get your words.
  5. Ask more than you speak. It is always a good idea to ask first then to explain as it will help you know their ideology and correct them if they are wrong. Children often get the idea of love and lovemaking wrong so it is our responsibility to correct them.
  6. Talk about the good touch and bad touch with the help of videos or cartoons. Images stay in our mind longer than texts or just audios. It is important that we make our kids aware of what’s right and what’s wrong.
  7. Focus on the ‘Dos’ more than the ‘Don’ts’. We often hear parents saying, Don’t have sex, Don’t get pregnant and many more such Don’ts, which changes the thinking and perspectives of the growing child.
  8. Make them understand the importance of giving and taking ‘Consent’. Tell them that safety is non-negotiable when it comes to any sexual act.
  9. Try to make the conversation as simple as possible. If it is difficult for you, ask any grown-up who is close to your child to talk about the issue before they face it.
  10. Always know the right time to start the topic. Don’t talk about it every time, know when to say and when to not, know what to say and of course how to say. Whatever you do or say is directly or indirectly shaping your child’s point of view.

Even if, you don’t teach them at the right time, they will get to know everything, maybe in a wrong manner which could be a disaster. It is thus, advisable to talk beforehand to your junior about every little change they will face or they are facing. Sex education is very important for every individual and it is our duty to see if the child is learning the right things.

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