“The child is the father of the man”, said by Wordsworth, hello mums, today’s blog is about raising a child who would be a great person in the future. As we all know, every parent is concerned about the apple of their eye’s upbringing. It is important that we understand the importance of our role as a mentor or guide in our child’s life.

Many parents while raising their child do not realize that their wellness affects everything around them. So mark the first point in your diary as ‘My good health comes first’. Your environment is affected by your mental and physical health.

You must have noticed that a kid always copies the person they love. It is a very good way of inculcating good habits and manners in a child. For example, try to read for an hour in front of your child regularly, you will notice that eventually, you will see that your child will also start sitting with a book or copy. Try to take one step at a time, encourage them to do the same. Everything you do somehow affects the life of your child.

Creativity is always appreciated when it comes to learning. Play games with your child that will help him/her to understand how to deal with different situations. Compliment them often for their small steps so that they can understand the value of the small things in their life. Ask them to appreciate you as well for your small efforts which will build a habit of appreciating others for their roles and achievements.  Encourage them to help others by playing the role of someone who needs help. Let them understand the differences between a good and bad individual by depicting their traits in front of them through games. You can create a big difference in their lives through these small gestures.

Education starts from the very day we are born. Mothers and fathers are the closest humans to a newborn, so it is their ultimate responsibility to start behaving the way, they want their child to behave in the future. The abusive language, the aggression, the negativity and every other baggage they carry in their life should be left at the threshold when they enter their child’s new life. As I mentioned earlier that whatever you do in your life somehow affects your kid’s life as well, so try to understand what is good for you and your child.

 “Discipline of thought and action, though hard to master, are required for a meaningful and fulfilling life”. The seed of discipline should be planted from childhood. It is not easy to teach a child to be disciplined but if we start to apply the principles of discipline in a playful manner, they will be convinced that discipline is a good thing for them. Do not force your child to study, rather encourage them to compete with themselves by studying a little extra than the previous day. Later on, appreciate and reward them for their success. Not only this, every child is talented in some or the other way, spend time with them and figure out their interest after that help them n building their creativity more and more. It is honestly one of the best ways to understand your child.

It is often observed that parents punish their children when they make mistakes. Punishments are for criminals, right? Not for a kid. Teach them about their mistake so that they can take a lesson from it. It builds up the courage for them to make more mistakes and to learn from them. Also, learn to say ‘no’ when your child demands for something unnecessary, it will teach them the value of things and also that they have to deal with rejections in the later period of their life and that’s okay. Teach them to not take things and people for granted. Teach them to be happy for themselves.

Upbringing a child is a very big responsibility and it is not at all an easy job to do, but when you are focused to make things done in a better way, it turns out to be a fun job to do. Be kind, patient, confident, disciplined and calm yourself, so that you can pass it on to your children. There is nothing called as best parenting but try every way out to be the best parents.

We come with more and more knowledgeable contents every week, let us know your parenting tips in the comment section and also share our blog with every parent you know. Till then, Happy Mumming!!

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