“Our body is our property!!” Hello mothers, it is important that you repeat the exact same line again and over again in front of your child. Yes, today we are here to let you understand how important it is to talk about the good and bad touch to your child and how to do it as well.

First of all, children are very innocent but that doesn’t mean they are dumb. Talk about the touches in a friendly and calm manner. Take it easy for them to understand. Use simple words and examples to make them understand which is to be considered as good touch and which not. There is no requirement to force conservations. Let the topic come in between the playtime or while the gatherings.

It is very important that you fit in your child’s mind that their body is their property. Nobody is allowed to touch them if they are not okay with that. Teach them to love every part of them, even the imperfections and scars then explain to them if they are uncomfortable with anyone’s behavior at any point and they feel unloved, the next action should not be accepted.

There is a smart “undergarment rule” that every parent can follow to teach their child about good touch and touch. The rule is pretty simple but of great value. Teach your child that the undergarments are made to protect those parts of the body which should be kept private. Nobody including you is allowed to see or touch them without their permission and that is a RULE.

What if they sense a bad touch? You should always make your junior prepared for such situations so that they can be safe. Teach them to shout of bite in self-defense. We often ignore the small things but remember being small is also an advantage as they are more active and flexible. They can run through gaps that you or I might not be. Ask your child to not trust every stranger as kids are quite friendly to everyone because they think that the grown-ups are good people.

Educate them more and more about reality and stat early. Teach them to trust their instincts. If they are not comfortable with anyone they should never compromise. Teach them to speak up, not just for themselves but for others as well. If they find anything wrong is being done to anyone in front of them, they should take a stand for the victim. Most importantly, listen. Yes, listen to them so that they can talk to you about everything, the right and the wrong, without thinking much. Stay safe and keep your child safe from others’ hands.

Thank you for being with us until now. Let us know in the comment section how we are helping you to become a good parent. Share our blogs with everyone you know, till we come again, Happy Mumming!!

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