Shout out to all the new moms and dads, out there for being this amazing with their work and child. We are in the twenty first century where career and family, goes hand in hand for both man and women equally, but it is usually seen that the mother is mostly the one, giving up a little extra of her care and efforts than her counterpart which makes her think about the changes in her life, after the blessing of motherhood came into her life. For making my words more clear, I would like you to read a beautiful piece of poetry, “It’s Different Now”, written by Karen McMillan,

He’s off to work bearing the weight of bills

Her indoors with twelve hours to fill

And up six times in the night still

Each thinking that the other has struck the better deal.

Casting up

And putting down

Petty remarks and resentments abound

So much more to disagree about now

Negotiating lie-ins that were once spent together

Taking turns when one is under the weather.


Ships in the night

That never-ending relay race

Passing the batten for another hour

Right, it’s your turn now; I’m off for a shower

But when all’s said and done

If I could choose anyone to

Navigate through

This parent hood

It would always be you.

Eavesdropping and smiling at all the little chats you have

Remembering that actually you’re a bloody ace dad

But oh remember that bloated adolescence of ours?

Carefree and easy

Doing nothing for hours

And of course I wouldn’t change it

It’s better now we’ve him

I guess what I’m saying is

I miss you…a bit.

I understand, how much you can relate to the situation, there’s nothing to feel bad about being a little selfish to ask for your own space and carefree life. Motherhood is a gift which is for both the parents and the best thing you can do is to talk about the changes taking place in both of your life. A healthy conversation is always better than constant overthinking and taking no action.

Your mind is the master of your life and ironically, you are the master of your mind. Clear your mind first, take a deep breath and channelize your energy towards a happy life. Ask your partner to take a day out of their busy schedule and take care of the baby, meanwhile; try to do every small thing you used to do before to feel alive and happy. If you wish to just rest for a day, go for it.

 Your baby is the best thing that can happen to you so it is important that you understand that you can enjoy with that little piece of blessing together. Plan for simple things like ‘grocery shopping’ or a ‘street food dinner’ with your family. Try to equally share the daily chores of the day and always save your ‘me-time’ for at least thirty minutes daily. Hit the gym, if you want to or have some good music for soothing yourself.

The relationship with your partner is as important as the relationship with the new born. Make sure to continue doing the things which makes your partner feel special and worthy. Make sure to build your relationship stronger and stronger with all the hurdles you face together. Planning your family beforehand is one of the best ways to avoid future misunderstandings between partners.

If you feel like quitting your career for your family, wait for a second; now think about the pride you bring to yourself and to your family through your career. Think about the fire in your belly that keeps you going in your work. Think about your own ambitions and dreams and perhaps think about the better life that you will be providing to your child by setting the perfect example of an idol.

Mothers are the angels on earth and the angels are always meant to be kept above all. Apply the amazing work sharing business in your life and make it better in every way.

Modern parenting requires modern strategies. Share in the comment section, if you have any. Also don’t forget to share with all the new parents in the town for their happy life.

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