Every mum is magical, breastfeeding or formula feeding

Hello, Gorgeous mums, here’s a question: How often do you feel your life turning magical?  Think about it, you have bought a new life into this earth, is there anything more magical than seeing your baby growing up with every passing day. Moms are the angels on Earth, well, but in saying that upbringing a child is not as easy as it sounds, so, how does it even matter that her love is served from breast or a feeding bottle? If you are wondering what this blog is talking about, our this week topic is “formula feeding”,


There are a number of reasons to why and how a mother chooses formula feeding for her baby. For mothers, this can be quiet a sensitive topic, let me tell you that there are conditions after childbirth when the mother can be on high-dosage medicines, can’t produce enough milk or can or cannot be medically related but somehow is unable to produce or deliver enough milk for breastfeeding, and people do end up questioning the mother’s instinct for that. If your health doesn’t permit you to breastfeed your baby, it is just not your fault. See, it’s a simple thing to understand that the love of a mother cannot be measured by the way she is feeding her baby. Many individuals who are working mothers often opt to give up breastfeeding as it is much stressful at times and we do understand every individual is different when it comes to choosing their way of life and we truly respect that.



Formula feeding is one of the best alternatives available for every new parent. Now, let me tell you what formula feeding exactly is. Formula feeding is basically feeding the infant a commercially prepared formula which is manufactured under sterile conditions, duplicating mother’s milk using a complete combination of proteins, sugar, fats, and vitamins that aren’t possible to create at home. Formula feeding is done through bottles, which gives the mother, her personal comfort. Not only this, anyone can feed the child, so the mother can also have some much needed time to rest, she, at times can also ask others to help her out feeding the baby. Also, formula feeding is a matter of comfort for both the child and the mother in the long run. Some of the best formulas available in the market today are Baby’s Only Organic Diary with DNA & ARA, Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula, Enfamil Enfacare, Gerber Good Start Soy and many more. When we talk about formula feeding, it is necessary that the mother knows the right measurement of the formula, (please read the instructions carefully).



It is advisable to clean the bottles and nipples properly before and after it is used by the child for the first 3 months and ones a day or can stop sterilizing the bottles if you are sure about getting clean water supplies after the first quarter. Baby bottle sterilizers are a good way to ensure cleanliness.

We can categorize ways of sterilizing for you to get the work done quickly and effectively. –

  • Electric Steam Sterilizers,
  • Microwave sterilizers,
  • Sterilizing tablets,
  • Our good traditional method of sterilizing with boiling water.



Mothers need to understand that babies are very sensitive to their mother’s emotions. A good mom is the one who knows how to take care of her own physical and mental health for the betterment of her child.

Few ways of keeping it sane:-

  • Meditation
  • Listen to music
  • Any form of exercise
  • A couple of hours out with friends or on a dinner date
  • Activities that make you happy

Try doing this at least ones a week, we know nothing is more important than your baby but also understand nothing is more important than you for your baby. And at last, look straight in the mirror and say to yourself daily, “I know the best for my baby and nothing on this Earth can change the love I have for my child. There’s nothing to feel shame or guilty about. I am perfect for my junior.” Embrace your gift of motherhood and be happy for the magical life you bought on this Earth.


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