“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.” Hello mums, we know the above line is very relatable in your case as well, so let’s discuss how the imitation game can be beneficial for your baby in real terms.

As a parent, always remember that your kids look up to you in every situation. Whether you are angry or happy, your actions are the footprints for them that they will follow for building their life. It is important that you understand to command your actions in every possible situation.

Now, let us understand the working of a child’s brain. The brain of a baby is like clay. It will take exactly the shape that you want it to. Thus, it is very necessary to be very careful about your words, actions and decisions you take in front of them. The very moment you introduce your child to violence, you take the first wrong step toward his/ her personality building.

We have seen a lot of parents to punish their children for their mistakes. The very child when grows up repeats the action of his/her parents on his/her child and this goes on and on. Understanding that punishing will slow down the learning process is a must. We grow when we are comfortable in making mistakes. When an individual is young and is simply forbidden to do mistakes in life, he/she starts searching for perfection everywhere and when they fail in the process they consider disappointments as their baggage with which they will have to live forever.

I hope that the next time you or your child makes a mistake, your first reflex would be to appreciate the courage to accept the mistake and then to move on with it. A good parent knows how to settle disputes among themselves. A study shows that a child’s mind catches the negativities much faster than that of an adult’s. So try to not quarrel or try to settle your disputes in a healthy manner in front of your child. Try to be as patient as possible even when your blood is boiling with rage. It is surely difficult but better than being an abusive parent later.

Be disciplined. Discipline is one of the best gifts that you can gift your child for a better life. When you follow a disciplined life, your junior learns the same. They may not be aware of the term or what actually you are trying to inculcate in them, but through imitating you they try to take up the life exactly you are leading it.

Social well-being is also very important for an individual’s mental health. It is not advised to talk to everyone passing the street but at least you should have a group of similar people so that your child can understand the kind of company they should be in. They will learn the importance of friendship, harmony and a good social environment.

Make time for your family and child apart from just working. Do the math and maintain the work and family life balance. It is important that your kid is exposed to moral values and family commitments. All the small things they see, they grab them and then use them in their own life.

It is a little hard work for your child’s future and there shouldn’t be any second thoughts when it is for your own good as well. We hope that this blog is also as beneficial as the other ones. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Share our blogs with everyone you know and Happy Mumming!!

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