Hello mothers, here’s a quick question, “What is the one thing you can gift your child and generations ahead?” If you are still guessing the answer, well it’s our very own environment, a safe, pollution-free, green and breathing environment.
We all know how our mother Earth is in danger because of environmental pollution and global warming. Environmental awareness is our topic of concern, all the headlines are about the same and every second person talks about saving the environment, but the reality remains the same, only a handful of people are taking steps. Isn’t it, our responsibility as well, moms?
Change starts from home”, thus, every non-biodegradable thing should be avoided from our home itself. It is not necessary that we have to take big steps to prevent the loss but we can take small steps and make great changes. Everything in the market always has an alternative that is eco-friendly but a little costly which attracts less buyer. But, any mother will hate the fact that they are building a destructive environment for their child’s future by being on the same track. Nothing is more important than an eco-conscious individual. You might be thinking that how can we bring the revolution with affordability, well, that’s what I have next for you.
Let’s start with your kitchen. Feed your kid with the amazing eco-friendly decorative cutleries made up of bamboo. Bamboo doesn’t retain the smell of previous food, so you can serve anything you want without worrying about the odor. They are eco-friendly in nature so sustainability is guaranteed. Moreover, they are available in different colors which look very attractive to the kids. For the product, visit the link: https://www.themumsshop.com/products/bobo-boo-non-toxic-bpa-free-set-of-4-bamboo-toddlers-kids-bowls-for-cereal-soup-sunset
Along with feeding, it is very important to look out for the storage of baby food. Plastic, as we all know is very harmful to the environment. Non-biodegradable plastic containers tend to affect the nutrients present in the food as well. The best solution to this problem is right here: Plastic-free glass baby food storage container.
Cotton is our best friend, moms. Not only for dressing but also use organic cotton maternity bags.The designer diaper bag is here to add up to the trend. Check them out here: https://www.themumsshop.com/products/zoey-blue-check-diaper-bag
Adding up to the cotton material, the extra mini backpacks are providing an adorable deal. Bonsai backpacks are setting goals for your little ones. Check the latest ones here: https://www.themumsshop.com/products/zoey-bushy-backpack
Treat your baby with the best of cotton cushions. Your baby deserves the best of nature and what can be better than cotton comfy cushions. Try them out here: https://www.themumsshop.com/products/zoey-beach-vibe-alphabet-cushion
Taking care of a newborn in terms of their skin and body care is a tough job. Products obtained from nature are reliable as they are organic and non-toxic. New moms can try the new hair care product, right here: Baby Wash Shampoo.Tissues can be harsh on baby’s skin as well which are chemically treated but plant fiber tissues are always the one to rely upon because of their natural essence. Check the wide variety of them here: Eco-Friendly wipes. Not just this, we have a surprise item to talk about. There is a specialized hairbrush to take care of your baby’s hair which is completely eco-friendly; Eco-friendly baby goat hairbrush.
It is also necessary to take care of the toys, your baby plays with. Toddlers are most of the time surrounded with them and are also overjoyed when presented infront of them. If you choose the right toy, then you are building your baby’s psychological health at a very young age. Also, kids have a habit of putting up things in the mouth and thus, plastic toys can be very harmful to them. But, don’t worry we have your back, check this amazing environment friendly wooden cotton toy for your baby to play with, right here. The best part is, it is antibacterial and antimicrobial. Link to the product:https://www.amazon.com/Natural-Crochet-Teething-Teether-Newborn/dp/B07DNDM7B1?imprToken=xK3PMGZYijBTMTddFIuFjw&slotNum=30&psc=1&SubscriptionId=AKIAIIVDJPYS3BX5D5TQ&tag=eahome-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B07DNDM7B1&keywords=Eco%20Friendly%20Baby%20Products
Everything we are surrounded with is, our environment, thus it is very necessary to live in a healthy surrounding for our health and well-being. When it comes to a child, as a parent, it is your responsibility to provide him/her the best environment. Living in a green and clean environment affects both you and your baby’s physical, psychological and social behavior. The world is a better place when we understand our role in it.
As an individual, it is our responsibility to take small steps for a big change. We are the one creating our future. As a parent, your responsibility is to inculcate in your child, the very roots of eco-consciousness. Education begins with the very birth of a child, whatever a kid learns with experiences, it remains with him/her throughout their life. Build the foundation of your child’s future with the small environmental friendly habits and daily use products.
Go green with every step, moms. Recommend us more eco-friendly baby products and share your experiences in the comment section. Keep visiting our weekly blogs for more knowledgeable contents. Till then, Happy Mumming!!
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