“Parenting is a lifetime job and does not stop when a child grows up”. Hello mums, this week’s blog is about you, your way of parenting, your follies, summing up, the type of parent you are. Your child is a seed that will grow under your, so it is important for you to understand the type of shade you want to be for your seed.

There are various parenting styles and it’s you who decides which suits you and your child the best. In the following blog, we will be discussing each type in brief but before that, remember, you don’t have to be the perfect parent but a reliable and understanding one.

  1. Authoritative Parents
  • They are close-grained in a good way.
  • They can negotiate if needed.
  • They are communicative and want their children to be opinionated.
  • They usually have their hopes high from their children but at the same time, encourages them to be independent and self-reliant.
  1. Permissive Parents
  • They are the ‘always ready to shower everything the child wants’ type of parents.
  • They hardly say NO.
  • No restrictions for the child spoil them in some or the other way.
  • Gives their child power over them.
  1. Narcissistic Parents
  • They are very ambitious.
  • They want their child to say exactly what they want to hear.
  • They teach the child to just serve his/her own needs.
  • Most lost and needy children are seen to have such parents.
  1. Authoritarian Parents
  • Strict parenting is their thing.
  • Punishments are the only way of teaching their child.
  • They believe in scaring the child and getting things done.
  • Children who become adults usually become just like their own parents.
  1. Overprotective Parents
  • They live by their insecurities.
  • They are often overprotective for the same reason.
  • This makes the child dependent for most of his/her life.
  1. Neglectful Parents
  • They are mostly lost in their own world.
  • Lack of time for their kids.
  • The child grows up as clueless as their parents are.
  • Usually, makes a negative impact on the child’s life.
  1. Isolated Parents
  • Less social parents are under this category.
  • The child takes up the same quality as the parents.
  • The junior chooses to be alone, even when he needs someone.
  1. Toxic Parents
  • The venom of hatred is always inside them.
  • They try to hide that in a very convincing way.
  • Always keep on talking about the concerns they have for their child if asked the truth.
  • They keep their child in darkness.

As a parent, you should know the type of parenting you are providing your child and how it affects your child’s whole life. We tried to aware you for the betterment of your journey as it is new for you as well. It is important to be a good parent, not necessarily the best. You are shaping your child’s brain in many ways and that definitely is directly connected to your way of living.

Your ground needs to be full of nutrition for the seed to generate and grow properly, which is only possible when you change yourself in a good way. We know, you are already doing enough and it is really appreciable but there’s no harm if you could do a little extra for your baby.

We hope you loved the blog, let us know in the comment section. Share this blog with every parent you know and keep following us for more and more amazing contents. Happy Mumming!!

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