Parenting can be tough if you are not aware of the tricks and techniques which can help you a lot. Hello mothers, today’s blog is about engaging your little one in the daily chores with you. We all understand how difficult it is to maintain a balance between your work and your family-life when both are equally important.

There is always a middle line that can help you in managing everything well. You can teach your child how to be self-dependent and well manage the small tasks of your house in forms of games. Smart mothers will always be seen engaging their child with herself in the small household chores for their learning through games and other interesting activities. We have a few ways by which you can do the same.

  1. First of all, keep realistic expectations. Your child is just learning so you can expect perfection from the very beginning. Give them easy tasks like putting their clothes in the right place, don’t expect the folding to be perfect rather let the kid learn how to do it properly.
  2. Your child copies every small thing you do. You must have noticed they try to even imitate the phone calls you take or the way you walk in heels. Understand that their mind is learning from whatever they are experiencing in their surrounding environment, so when you follow a proper work routine your child will also learn the same thing. It is a very good way to inculcate discipline in young brains.
  3. It is also important that you make the child understand that teamwork is important. So, try to involve the whole family in some of the other activities to make it clear that everyone needs to step in. For instance, if you are cleaning the furniture and the child is putting the table cloth, ask the other members to get involved in activities like arranging the racks or the pictures in the wall. The main objective is to create a culture of teamwork.
  4. We all love appreciations, don’t we? If you see even minute progress in your child’s work, never forget to appreciate it. When you say something good to your child it acts as a motivation for them. They put their extra effort each time to make it better just to be appreciated, so remember to appreciate their small achievements.
  5. There will be times when your kid will get bored with the same things that you assign them. Try to differentiate the tasks with their growing age. Make it interesting by adding prizes on accomplishing goals. Add time limits to increase speed and efficiency. Video games are fun because they have levels, make your daily chores exciting on this same concept.
  6. Most importantly, it should be a way of spending, learning and playing time for you and your child. So, keep experimenting to keep the spark alive. Encourage them more and more to get involved in daily activities with you. Teach them the importance and that will help them forever in their life. Never take punishments as a way of teaching rather use your love and bonding, a way of teaching new things.

You need to plant the seed early for better fruits in the future. Remember, you need to trust yourself for making all this happen. Be a great parent by being the understanding parent now.

Tell us your views in the comment section. Share the blog with everyone you think will love to read us. Keep following us for more and more knowledgeable blogs. Till our next meet, Happy Mumming!!

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