Hello mothers, it’s been a while since we talked about the benefits of breastfeeding for your baby. So, today we will be covering the benefits of breastfeeding for a child in the simplest way possible.

Breastfeeding has its own advantages as it provides the nutrition required to a newborn directly from his/her mother. Since coming out of the womb is a challenge if seen so does the new way of having the required nutrition into their body. Mother’s warmth ensures them safety while going through such a change.

Mother’s milk helps in building antibodies. Not only this, it prevents allergies and eczema. Babies who are breastfed are less likely to be attacked by viruses, urinary tract infections, inflammatory bowel disease, gastroenteritis, ear infections, and respiratory infections. Along with this it causes less stomach upset, diarrhea, and constipation than formula.

Research says that a mother’s milk also helps in making the baby smarter. The first six months is a crucial period for your baby’s brain development. For instance, a US study showed that toddlers and preschoolers who’d been exclusively breastfed for at least three months had brains with 20 to 30% more white matter – which connects different regions of the brain and transmits signals between them – than those who’d had no breast milk.  It reduces the risks of spinal meningitis, type 1 diabetes, and Hodgkin’s lymphoma as well, as the mother’s milk builds up the immune system of the baby.

Some studies show that breastfed infants are less likely to be obese later in life. The theory is that nursing mothers get in tune with signals that their baby is full, and don’t overfeed. “You have to read your baby’s ‘satiety cues’ a little better because unlike with a bottle, you can’t see how much he’s eaten. You have to rely on your own instincts and your baby’s behavior to know when your baby is full,” says Heather Kelly.

“If a baby gets an illness, or his mother does, the protective components in her milk tend to increase,” explains Professor Peter Hartmann of the University of Western Australia, an internationally renowned expert on lactation and breastfeeding. “A breastfed baby is likely to recover faster than a formula-fed baby because the mother’s body will produce specific antibodies against whatever infection he’s picked up.” So, a sick baby should be breastfed to comfort and cure him/her.

There are innumerous advantages of breastfeeding that last a lifetime for both the baby and the mother. We have tried to acknowledge some of the most commonly found advantages of breastfeeding here. Advantages like straighten teeth and strong bones are all a part of it.

We hope that you liked our blog and will support us further. Comment below to let us know your views on breastfeeding and share our blogs as much as you can. Till we meet again, Happy Mumming!!

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