Smartphones are now a part of our daily life, isn’t it? We cannot imagine our life without the gadget and so, our child. It is not just us who are stuck to our devices 24×7 but our children as well. Now the question is, “Is it okay for our child?

The answer is a big “NO”. We as grownups know the advantages and disadvantages of the device but the same cannot be expected from a child. A child of 6th or 7th grade does not even suppose to have this much engaging work in a smartphone that we have. What do you think they are using smartphones for? Yes, mostly for entertainment through videos or games or social media, wasting much of their time without even realizing it.

There was a time when children could be seen on grounds playing with their friends but now they form teams in mobile phones for different online games. This is harming them both physically and mentally. A child sitting in one place and staring at a cell phone regularly for hours will definitely end up damaging his health. Not just that, we find it difficult to resist the cell phones sometimes, think about the child who hardly takes it off their hands now. Delayed gratification instead of instant gratification is vital to children if they are to develop self-control, grit and work through hardships.

We are all connected but are we really connected anymore? In this world of facebook and twitter, we are all losing the heart to heart connections that we used to share. Our kids are an advanced version of what we were, thus if we are becoming so trapped in a box type of minds, how will our kids turn out. Isn’t it a matter of concern that with the increasing power of social media we are isolating ourselves from the people we are actually close. I have even seen four kids sitting in the same room with their cell phones at four corners without even paying any attention to each other. Think how self-centered our life will turn out if this continues.

The young minds do not differentiate what’s right and what’s wrong for them. The social media is a fake world and we get it, but a child makes the illusion their reality. This not only affects their mental health but also makes them question their self-worth. The ugly world of social media is way too harsh for a child to enter and we are all well aware of that. Being strict at a few things could be beneficial at times.

To save your kids you have to take the right steps at the right time. Stop using your phone all the time in front of your child as they imitate your act and puts it in their life without any differentiation. We understand it is hard to explain a kid but at least try to communicate and make them understand why not to use the phones all the time. Spend more quality time with the persons who are close to you as this will teach them to respect the people they have in their life. Help them to differentiate between entertainment and addiction. This will help them in the long run.

We hope that our blog was helpful to you. Let us know in the comment section and share with everyone you know. We will soon be back with more knowledgeable contents, till then, Happy Mumming!!   

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